GL Distributors is a factory authorized distributor for GH Armor Systems (Gator Hawk Armor) for Concealable Body Armor, Tactical Body Armor, K-9 Handler Body Armor, SWAT Body Armor, SRT Body Armor, Light Tactical Body Armor, Plate Carriers, Plate Racks and accessories including Special Threat Plates (Speed Plates), Rifle Plates, Ballistic Shields, Ballistic Helmets and POLICE & SHERIFF ID Patches. We provide light weight body armor (often referred to as bullet proof vests) to Road Patrol Officers, Road Patrol Deputies, Street Crimes Units, Crime Suppression Units (CSU), Gang Units, K-9 Units, SWAT Teams, VIN Units and Negotiators. Females will also benefit from the models specifically designed for their anatomy. Gator Hawk Armor (GH Armor Systems) offers a Structured Female vest with Breast Cups built-in and gender neutral vests as well.


Lite X II Male
Pro X Level II Male 

Body Armor 101

In today’s ever changing Law Enforcement world, body armor has become a crucial piece of equipment that must be worn.  With the new NIJ Standard -0101.06, ballistic vests have become more protective than the previous NIJ 2005 Interim Requirements or the earlier NIJ Standard-0101.04.  With the use of higher end ballistic fibers and laminates, vests are designed to be lighter, thinner, flexible and ultimately more comfortable.  There are still economical vests available which will cost less but in the end, you get what you pay for.  If you want the lightest body armor, the thinnest body armor or the most comfortable body armor, you will need to spend a little more.

First and foremost, people often refer to body armor as bullet proof vests.  These are not bulletproof vests.  They are properly called ballistic resistant vests.  We team with GH Armor (formerly Gator Hawk Armor).  GH Armor (Gator Hawk) produces some of the lightest, thinnest, most flexible and most comfortable body armor vests available under the NIJ Standard-0101.06.  Using materials including Core Felt, Twaron®, Dyneema®, Kevlar®, Spectra Shield®, Goldshield®, Kevlar Comfort XLT®, Woven Aramids and Aramid Laminates, GH Armor (Gator Hawk) has models capable of defeating special threat rounds.  Special Threat rounds include:

RA9TA Winchester Ranger T-Series 9mm 127gr SXT +P+ (notoriously known as the Black Talon)
9mm Aguila 65gr HP
.357 SIG 125gr FMJ FN
.357 SIG Speer 125gr GDHP
.44 Mag 240gr SJHP
7.62×25 Tokarev FMJ LC
FN 5.7×28 SS196 40gr (Red Tip)
FN 5.7×28 VMAX 40gr (Blue Tip)

Some of the body armor vest models we offer are also Compliant to the DEA Armor Test Protocol.

Please note that not all body armor models have special threat capabilities; those body armor models that do may not be capable of defeating all of the special threat rounds – before you buy body armor, examine each specific vest model to determine if the protective capability offered meets your specific needs, including any rounds listed as special threat protection.

Body Armor Headquarters

Rather than handling countless brands of armor, we have limited our offerings to those manufacturers that we believe offer a complete package.  This package not only includes timely delivery but also unparalleled quality, comfort, lightweight construction, and flexibility along with the most important aspect of wearing body armor – a guaranteed fit policy.  After all, body armor can only protect you if it is worn – If your vest fits properly, you will wear it.