306-1827 Level III Rifle Plate

The 306-1827 hard armor rifle plate is NIJ 0101.06 certified Level III.

This lightweight plate is constructed of polyethylene and covered in Cordura.

Features a multi-curve with stand-alone, multi-hit configuration. Made in the USA.

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The 306-1827 Level III NIJ 06 Rifle Plate is super lightweight and constructed of polyethylene.


PLATE CUT: Full Cut, Shooters Cut, SAPI SM


Standard: NIJ 0101.06

Series: 306-1827

Threat Level: III

Curve: Multi-Curve

Configuration: Stand-Alone, Multi-Hit

Composition: Polyethylene

Cover: Cordura

Warranty:   Ballistics: 5 years   Cover: 1 year

Special Threat Testing:
7.62 x 51 mm M80
7.62 x 39mm M67
7.62 x63mm JSP
7.62 x 39mm M43
5.56 x 45mm 55 gr M193
5.45 x 39mm 7N6