LEO R3 ICW Special Threat Plate

The LEO R3 ICW special threat plate provides rifle protection when in conjunction with the following ballistic models:

Ethos IIIA EX02 (BA-3A00S-SX03), Ethos II EX02 (BA-2000S-SX03), HeliX IIIA HX03 (GPXIIIA), HeliX II HX02 (GPAII-2), and LiteX IIIA LX02 (GPBIIIA-2).

This lightweight plate also provides protection against blunt force trauma. The perfect addition to your ballistic package can be outfitted in concealable or external carriers. Constructed of polyethylene and covered in Cordura. Made in the USA.



10x12” Shooters Cut
8x10” Shooters Cut
7x9” Full Cut
5x8” Full Cut

Size & Weight
5×8″ Full Cut – 0.80 lbs, 6×6″ Full Cut – 0.70 lbs, 7×9″ Full Cut – 1.30 lbs, 8×10″ Full Cut – 1.60 lbs, 8×10″ Shooter’s Cut – 1.30 lbs, 10×12″ Shooter’s Cut – 2.20 lbs

Series: LEO R3

Threat Level: ICW Rifle protection

Curve: Single-Curve/Multi-Curve

Composition: Polyethylene

Cover: Cordura

Warranty: 5 years

Special Threat Testing: 5.56 X 45-mm 55 gr M193, 7.62 x 39-mm 123 gr MSC, 7.62 x 51-mm 147 gr FMJ NATO M80