LEO H2 Special Threat Plate

The LEO H2 special threat plate provides handgun protection against multiple special threat rounds.

This ultra-lightweight plate also provides protection against blunt force trauma.

The perfect addition to your ballistic package, can be outfitted in concealable or external carriers. Constructed of polyethylene and features a diamond rip-stop nylon cover. Made in the USA.

The LEO-H2 Special Threat Plate provides handgun protection and features a multi-hit configuration.

0.30 Lbs (5x8 FC) and 0.25" thick.



10x12” Shooters Cut
8x10” Shooters Cut
7x9” Full Cut
5x8” Full Cut

Size & Weight:
5×7″ Full Cut – 0.25 lbs, 5×8″ Full Cut – 0.30 lbs, 7×9″ Full Cut – 0.50 lbs, 8×10″ Full Cut – 0.50 lbs, 8×10″ Shooter’s Cut – 0.40 lbs, 10×12″ Full Cut – 0.80 lbs, 10×12″ Shooter’s Cut – 0.70 lbs

Series: LEO H2

Threat Level: Handgun protection

Curve: Single-Curve

Configuration: Stand-alone, Multi-Hit

Composition: Polyethylene

Cover: Diamond Rip-Stop Nylon Cover

Warranty: 5 years

Special Threat Testing:
Speer .357 Sig 125 gr FMJ, Speer .44 Mag 240 gr SJHP, Winchester 9 mm +P+ 127 gr SXT, Speer .357 Sig 125 gr GDHP, Norinco 7.62x25mm Tokarev 85 gr FMJ, FN 5.7x28mm 28 gr SS195LF (Belgium), FN 5.7x28mm 40 gr SS197 (Blue Tip)