XLR -Vengeance Extra-Lightweight Rifle Shield

The XLR Series consists of the ridiculously light GDS-AR (Active Response) at only 6.9 lbs up to the full coverage VENGEANCE™ XLR 20”x36” WMX3RF and WMX3RFT.

Tested against a host of standard and Special Threats including the 7.62×39 Chinese Mild Steel Core and Federal Tactical Bonded.

The XLR makes use of the patented VENGEANCE™ Series viewport with its patent-pending 100% composite bezel system providing unmatched protection around the face, neck, and upper torso.


  • Flat Panel Ambidextrous weapon mount— VENGEANCE™ Viewport
  • Straight Bar Handle
  • Custom Molded Foam Armpad
  • Heavy Duty Forearm Strap
  • 100% Composite Ballistic Construction— NIJ 0108.01 Rated III
  • Special Threat III+
  • Durable Black Polyurea coating


  • Elzetta EZHR integrated light/handle — Fox Fury B30 / B50 / B52
  • 1000 / 2000 LM Auxiliary Lighting — Custom ID Placard
  • Viewport Delete
  • VADER Shield Harness and Hook Kit
  • Shield Hook with Shoulder Sling
  • Shield Sling, Hook and Molle KIT
  • Carry Bag