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Can I Use GH Armor Soft Panels In Third Party External Carriers?

Consistent with the terms of the Soft Armor Panel Warranty, GH Armor will continue to support the warranty of GH Armor soft armor panels when used in conjunction with approved third-party external carriers, subject to the following conditions:
GH Armor soft armor panels shall remain in their original GH concealable carrier when inserted into the third-party external carrier.
The front and rear soft armor panels shall be fastened together with the hook and loop straps and connected inside of the shoulder area of the third-party external carrier in order to suspend the front and back soft armor panels in the proper orientation.
GH Armor soft armor panels shall not be used with third-party concealable carriers. Proper orientation is integral to the performance of the soft armor panels. Additionally, soft armor panels offer protection to only those areas that cover the body. As such, GH Armor will not be responsible for the sizing, labeling or integration of the soft armor panels with third-party external carriers.
Any use of GH Armor soft armor panels that does not reflect the intended fit, placement, or orientation of the soft armor panels or in any way degrades the performance, protection, or durability of the soft armor panels shall void the warranty. GH Armor will not support the warranty of GH Armor soft armor panels when used in conjunction with non-approved third-party external carriers.

What Is NIJ 06 Certified Armor?

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) establishes and updates voluntary minimum performance standards for body armor, conducts testing against these standards to ensure that body armor complies with the standards, and sponsors research to improve body armor. NIJ Certified body armor is strictly regulated and randomly selected for testing by the NIJ to ensure the armor design meets the requirements listed on the build sheet. The NIJ Standard-0101.06 is the most comprehensive and rigorous body armor compliance standard that exists today. NIJ Standard-0101.06 supersedes all prior versions.

What Are The Different Levels of Armor?

NIJ Standard-0101.06 specifies five levels of ballistic performance for body armor. The first three levels – IIA, II and IIIA – are soft armor. The two remaining levels, III and IV, are hard armor designed to protect officers against rifle threats. The standard threat bullets associated with these five levels are listed below:

  • Level IIA: 9mm FMJ RN & .40 Smith and Wesson (S&W) FMJ
  • Level II: 9mm FMJ RN & .357 Magnum JSP
  • Level IIIA: .357 SIG FMJ FN & .44 Magnum SJHP
  • Level III: 7.62mm FMJ (M80) (Rifle)
  • Level IV: .30-06 Cal AP (M2 AP) (Rifle)

Going beyond the NIJ’s minimum standards, GH Armor offers soft and hard armor models that are Independently Tested by the NIJ to defeat Special Threat Rounds.  Special Threat Rounds have a notably higher velocity and/or design process that render the round as armor-piercing capable.  Please refer to the spec sheet for each specific model to ascertain the specific Special Threat Rounds that each model protects against as Independently Tested by the NIJ Ballistic Laboratories.

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